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For all Children and Youth, Life awaits…

Meaningful friendships, inspiring work, independence, your place in the world; all just waiting outside that door. Now imagine if that door was locked, no key, no side exit; you are trapped while everyone else around you blossoms. That is what it feels like to be a child/youth growing up with a mental illness and other developmental inhibitors. Therapy or treatment might elevate symptoms it won’t teach us how to make up for lost time. Removal of symptoms won’t give children/youth back the lost time healthy development offers, how to recognize feelings like: love, lose or possibility…dare to dream, how to trust themselves, or develop and blossom. Youth must have the opportunity to figure out who they are beyond a diagnose.  They need to know what health and well-being may offer, so that they may form a foundation, that allows them the opportunity to fulfill the promise of a life of health, safety and obtain the abilities to THRIVE.

Some of What We Do:

  •  Guide families and youth on how to utilize their life experience to assist other families in navigating the system and overcoming their challenges. Furthermore, our workshops develop community leadership skills that allow family and youth partners to become partnership brokers, which enhances recipients of public services outcomes.
  • Host Community Conversaitions on Children’s Mental Health
  •  Host workshops for our public and provider partners that help advance engagement and partnerships with families and youth.
  •  Provide a place for families and youth to support each other, share ideas, successes, and concerns through our Family and Youth Advisory Councils
  • Provide coaching services for families, youth, and professionals wishing to gain skills in building partnerships with each other
  •  Promote excellence in the evolving field of peer- to-peer support.

Family & Youth Roundtable Vision:

All Children Youth and Families are healthy, safe and thriving in their communities

FYRT is an independent family and youth led organization. The foundation of our work is to build an interconnection between the families and youth receiving services and the public child family-serving agencies that serve our communities, such as:

  • Children’s Mental Health
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Education
  • Child Welfare

Family & Youth Roundtable engages public and community partners to advocate for the equitable treatment and acceptance of children, youth and their families, furthermore we advocate for public systems reform efforts that are inclusive of all public system resources, children, youth and their family’s needs and empowers children, youth and families to be equal partners in policy, program, evaluation and practices.

Family & Youth Roundtable Mission: 

To advance excellence in the public child, youth and family service systems through an independent network of youth and families.

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